Our Facilities


  • Care for the vulnerable: The facility is completely disable, elderly and child friendly. We have a lift facility. Those with mobility issues can easily manoevre.
  • Ultra modern CSSD: A dedicated department built on international standards, makes sure that the instruments are cleaned and sterilised well to prevent infection.
  • Sophisticated Operating Theatre: World class standards are maintained using special equipment.
  • Total computerization: To store and retrieve data. Minimises errors.


AMO Sovereign Compact Phacoemulsifier :

  • Topcon fundus camera with digital photography : To take pictures of inside of the eye in diabetes and age related macular degeneration to decide about laser treatment.
  • Humphrey Visual Field Analyser with tracking : Measures the extent of vision. A gold standard in detecting and following glaucoma. Tracking improves accuracy.
  • Kowa Portable Slit Lamp : To examine the wheel chair and bed bound patients.
  • Applanation tonometer : To check the eye pressure accurately.
  • Topcon slit lamp with CCTV camera : To see for yourself the condition of the eye
  • Zeiss Slit Lamp : To deliver laser
  • Autorefractokeratometer : For computerised eye test to measure the sight defects.
  • A scan biometer : To decide the power of the lens after cataract surgery.
  • Topcon lensometer : To check the power of lenses accurately.
  • Phoropter : To decide the power of glasses accurately.
  • Indirect ophthalmoscope : To check the periphery of inner eye.
  • Volk diagnostic lenses : To check the retina. Some special lenses do not require dilatation.
  • Visual charts specially for children even up to 1 year of age
  • Prism bars : To measure the squint and strength of muscles.
  • Tests for depth perception
  • Computerised vision chart : High tech charts with different language and even for illiterates.
  • Little Sister Autoclave with Vacuum : One of the most trusted sterilizers in the UK; abolishes the risk of infection including HIV, hepatitis B and C by suction.
  • Zeiss operating microscope : For clarity and magnification of vision during the surgery.
  • CCTV :Your near and dear ones can watch your surgery.
  • Defibrillator : We care for your heart also! This heart start machine can revive a stopped heart
  • Crash carts : To attend to any emergency at the earliest.
  • Anaesthesia trolley : Equipped with vaporizers for precise delivery of gases.
  • YAG laser : Available on a prior appointment for clearing the dust accumulated on an intraocular lens and to prevent glaucoma.
  • Diode laser : Available on a prior appointment for diabetic retinopathy, retinal breaks and age related macular degeneration.


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