About Us

Aditya Netralaya- The Heart and Soul of Affordable World Class Eye Care

Undergoing any type of eye surgery is a major decision in your life. And we understand this. Up to 75 percent of all blindness in adults and 50 percent of childhood blindness is avoidable through prevention or treatment.At Aditya Netralaya, we care about your eyes. For every eye problem you have, we have the resources and expertise to meet it. Equipped with top-notch infrastructural facilities, state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced and qualified professionals, our eye care centre in the city is endowed with the best that can be offered.

Advances in eye research and technology have enabled early detection of previously untreatable eye defects that can now be rectified. The quality of vision after our treatment has been consistently demonstrated with highly successful results.Aditya Netralaya is so unique that it provides a world class eye care at an affordable cost by a doctor with world class qualification who has an international experience. Our staffs are well qualified and trained. They are skilled in life support techniques also.