Medical Retina

Diabetic retinopathy services : To detect and treat blinding complications of diabetes in the eye.

  • A Thorough examination using special lenses
  • Fundus photos : Instant photos and CD for comparison
  • Diabetic retinopathy services: To detect and treat blinding complications of diabetes in the eye. It can be due to bleeding or leakage of fluid in inner part of the eye.
  • Age related macular degeneration: Leads to loss of vision due to ageing. Wet type leads to rapid deterioration and distortion of vision. Dry type leads to gradual loss of vision.
  • Occlusion of blood vessels: Blockage of retinal arteries, veins or their branches lead to sudden loss of vision. We diagnose such conditions, detect the causative factor and treat.
  • Peripheral retinal lesions: Some of them lead to detachment of retina. We treat breaks with laser to prevent retinal detachment.
  • Uveitis: Its is inflammation of the curtain and middle layer of the eye. We diagnose them and detect underlying conditions. They are treated with drops and rarely with steroid injections around the eye.
  • OCT: Detects amount of fluid in the back of the eye, the presence of abnormal blood vessels and alteration of structure of retina due to different diseases. This helps is structural change and diagnosis.
  • Laser for diabetic retinopathy: A timely laser prevents further sight loss. Dr. Srinivas has done studies in England to save the sight.
  • Intravitreal Injection of anti VEGF agents (latest): To facilitate absorption of fluid and shrink abnormal blood vessels in diabetic retinopathy, ARMD, vein occlusions, etc
  • Injection of triamcenolone acetonide